Jun 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

First off, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! We're having a good one here. Brian has spent the day doing Dad things. He's played with Ben, eaten some good home cooked meals from his wife, watched baseball, golf, shopped for polo's, took a nap on the couch with his son, stuff like that. A good day.

Father's interjection - Hi there, Brian here. I just wanted to second everything Patti wrote above. My first Father's Day was great! Eggs Benedict for brunch, a day of watching Atlanta Brave baseball (even though they lost) and the US Open, a trip to the mall for some shopping and ice cream with the family. No lawn work, no work work. All in all - great time, thanks to my wife and son. I hope every other dad has as good of a day as I did.

Interjection over. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post...

Ben's doing great. We are trying some new foods. Don't worry, we don't plan on chronicling every new food we give him, but his faces have been classic and we just can't help it. We were on Rice Cereal for about a week and decided it was time to start introducing some veggies. We started with peas. Something I would not recommend. The peas did not go over very well AT ALL, as you can see. So, we gave him some rice cereal and called it good for the day. Today, we thought we'd try something a little sweeter to help with the transition and that choice was sweet potatoes. As you can see, that was a ton better. He ate quite a bit of those and seemed to really like them. We'll keep the intros going and let you know how they go.

We have also decided to become a bilingual family! No, Brian and I do not speak a lick of Spanish, but we have a new toy courtesy of my sister's hand-me-downs that teaches various lessons in English and Spanish. So far, we can say really productive things like red circle, blue square, yellow triangle, up, down, and various other conversational type Spanish.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!

Adios! (see, I'm already incorporating my Spanish into blogging!)

~~ The Bishops ~~

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