Jun 5, 2009

We tried to give him cereal. Forgot the number 1 rule!

What's the number one rule? Don a bib! I don't know what I was thinking! Maybe I was thinking that a bib would only be one more thing to wash. The pajamas were already going into the wash, so what the heck?! As you can see, I don't think he's quite sold on eating cereal yet. I thought we'd start trying because he is currently going through another growth spurt that has left him longer and skinnier, I think. He's eating 8oz at a time at daycare and they report he still seems hungry. He's also inching up on 6 months old. I didn't think I'd be this resistant to this! I'm trying. He's trying. But I'm not totally sold, either. I guess I'm worried it will bring an end to the nursing days. And I'm just not ready for that. I'm trying to convince myself that it won't. I mean, he went back and forth between nursing and the bottle when he was 2 weeks old like a champ! So, why am I worried he'll have trouble with it now? I'm open to any advice!

We're also dealing with a little bit of a cold right now. He's just stuffy and there's lots of drainage! He's acting alright. We had a rough night. I think he's having trouble breathing so that kept waking him up. Boy, are me and Brian out of practice with this waking up every hour thing! We were both disoriented and grumpy the whole night! I tried getting up more because I didn't have to work today, but it was hard. How did I do that for so long in the beginning?! Brian got up around the midnight hour, and I tried taking the rest. He had to jostle me a few times but I did it. I finally sat up and held him for about an hour around 3am and he seemed to sleep well for a while. Then at 6:30am he was whining again. He seemed to just want to have his pacifier but couldn't hold it in his mouth and breath at the same time because his nose was so stuffy. So, I just brought Ben to bed with me and held him tight. We both fell asleep for about another hour and a half. It was nice cuddle time. Let's just hope he starts feeling better quick!

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