Dec 13, 2009

11months, 3 weeks, and 6 days old!

A very nice day today! Ben is finally in bed and we're sitting here uploading videos and putting together new toys! We celebrated Ben's first birthday today (since Brian has to work tomorrow, I got the day off).

It was a day of firsts! First, Ben woke up and got his first waffle! He LOVED it! Just gobbled it up. After breakfast we made a cake and cubcakes, as you can see from the video (other than the fact that I'm still in my sweats and I made him a boxed cake) Ben helped a ton! He loved stirring his "cake mix."

(Ben facing forward!)

Following a nice nap we drove to the mall with his car seat FACING FORWARD! Now, luckily nothing happened because "they say" not to turn a child around until they are one year old and Ben was only 11month, 3 weeks and 6 days old (don't tell anyone). He didn't really know what to think of it! He just sort of giggled at us. He really seemed to like it.

At the mall, Ben got to meet Santa for the first time! The mall was packed! It was worse than I prepared myself for! We got up to the Santa display and there was a very little line! We were amazed! Then we learned it's because Santa was getting ready to go on break! He'd be back 45 minutes after seeing his last child! CRAP! So, we shopped for about 20minutes then realized there was a line forming for when Santa returns. We thought we should get in line.

(Video of Ben with Santa!)

We took turns staying in line and the other would go run an errand. Ben did great! He got a little ansie, but overall I was impressed. The video captures the rest pretty well. We actually got a really nice picture from them, they captured those 3.5seconds Ben wasn't crying out pretty well!

We had planned on going out to eat, but after all that thought we'd better come home. Ben opened all his presents from us and the ones sent from all our amazing family! As you can see, true to one year old form he was more interested in the boxes and tearing paper, but I'm sure he appreciates the new loot as much as we do!

After a little dinner we thought we'd do singing and cake. Now, I don't know if it's our singing, or that Ben knew that he is not yet one year old, but he wasn't having the cake. This is why we only have one picture of Ben with his cake. Also playing a factor may be that we waited too long and he was pretty tired. So, he cried....a lot...

We got some pj's on and thought we'd play with some new toys before bed. Brian had assembled his rocking horse from Grandma and Grandpa Bishop. So far, Ben is a little skeptical. Again, may be due to his fatigue from the day's events, but it was pretty funny.

He's such a good kid! We all had so much fun today just the four of us (Abby loved helping Ben open his presents)! We will try the cake again tomorrow when he is ACTUALLY one year old. He'll get it down before long. I mean, he is our child! He has plenty of cake and presents coming his way, so he's just getting warmed up!!

(Ben opening presents with the help of Abby!)

Thanks for hanging in there with us for 11months, 3weeks, and 6 days! Our adventures shall continue!

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