Dec 10, 2009

11months, 3weeks, 4days old.

It's a big week here! Come Monday, Ben will be one year old! Can't believe it. We will surely try to blog as the weekend goes on. Sunday will be the big day. We're thinking a trip to Santa, going out for lunch, home for cake and presents!

Ben is doing great. He continues to be more and more adventurous. Today we had a little incident where he tried to take more than his normal 2-3steps away from something and fell and bit his tongue. It bled a little, he cried a little and then it didn't seem to bother him at all. It was a scary moment, but he's fine.

He's learning more and more everyday! He is now trying to blow kisses which is what the video was trying to capture (even though he's messy after dinner). He's also doing some high fives, he'll run a toy car along and make the noise, all sorts of fun stuff. He's just turning into a little boy! He's really taking an interest into Abby. He wants to pet her and scratch her belly. Abby even seems to somewhat enjoy it which is nice. She doesn't think of him as such a nuisance anymore.

The top picture I just sent to the news here to be put on their morning newscast on Monday. Ben loves watching the 1st Birthdays segment and we hope he makes it on there. So, anyone in the Chicago area, tune in to the morning news for NBC5 on Monday morning to hopefully get a glimpse of Ben!

We're looking forward to seeing just about ALL of our families over the next couple of weeks!

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