Dec 21, 2009

He's walking!

So, I have yet to really capture it, but Ben is walking. For about a week now he's been consistently doing 2-3 steps at a time, and quite steady. Yesterday and today he's walked 10+ feet, unassisted. He LOVES walking! He reaches for my hand and just wants me to walk with him up and down the hallway! He only wants to hold onto ONE hand. If you reach for his second hand, he will bat you away! He is VERY independent.

We had a great weekend. We were in Kalamazoo for Mom's show that was a great success. Maggie was Sugar Plum and I cried. I wasn't the only one! Me, Lenore, and Stephanie were all in one row and were all crying! So beautiful!

Ben stayed with a babysitter. It was actually quite cute. She had quoted me a price which briefly made me feel I should quit my job as on OT and start babysitting. I had told her Ben is SUPER easy and will likely be asleep 20minutes after we leave. Later that night when we returned back to Mom and Dad's house, I looked at her and said the amount I wished to pay her. She looked back at me and shed $5 off the price stating "You were right. He was asleep the whole time. It was pretty easy."

Ben's sleeping habits continue to please us. His bedtime has inched back a bit, but he is making it through a large percentage of the nights. On the days I'm not working he is sleeping in until 7 am! On the mornings I do work, we have to wake him quite a bit! He's such a good boy! And it's not a bad thing that his bedtime has inched back (to like 8pm) as now Brian can see him most evenings and he is sleeping in a bit (until 7am rather than 5am which I had grown to accept!).

His climbing habits continue to keep us on our toes. Tonight he was trying to climb onto the foot rest of the rocker, into the laundry basket, onto Abby, and into the bathtub (it was actually bath time). Bath time has gotten interesting due to his climbing. He wants to climb in and climb out the whole time. He is fearless. This has led to a few bumps and bruises. We had the "boo boo buddy" out tonight even.

We are looking forward to our Christmas at home. We will be in Oak Forest for Christmas Eve and Day. On Sunday we head for Kalamazoo to celebrate, then off to Virginia for almost a week!

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