Dec 17, 2009

One Year Check Up

Ben had his one year check up today. Went very well! Of course they said he was by far the cutest one year old they have ever seen! They wondered how I did it!

Well, here are the results of his one year check up, other than the verdict of being the cutest one year old they have ever seen! He his healthy. He is more than healthy!

Weight: 24lbs, 2oz (95%)
Height: 31.5in (75%)
Head circumference: 47cm (although this may not be an accurate measurement as by now Ben was screaming his head off and pushing the nurse away. Hey, they said he was cute, not cooperative!)

(A picture of Ben with the chair his Great Grandma Shirl painted just for him!)

He is right where he needs to be. When I gave these stats to Brian I think I heard his voice quiver, and over the phone I swear I heard a tear. You see, Brian is thinking with this new trend of actually being on the growth chart Ben may never realize Brian's dream of Ben playing in the NFL. Brian is begging me to feed him more. Have any of you out there tried to feed a one year old more than he wanted to eat? NOT POSSIBLE! I told the doctor all about our current eating trends (which mostly include Ben feeding Abby from his highchair), and she promised me it is normal and Ben couldn't be more healthy!

Some of the things Ben is eating include lots of fruit which is good. He could eat any kind of fruit all day long. I haven't found one yet that he won't eat. Veggies....well, he'll eat a carrot or two. He loves cheese and bread. He's starting to warm up to pasta. And today the doctor said we can start whole milk and eggs. I think he'll like that. He's been taking a sippy cup really well. I haven't found a meat he'll eat yet. Things like chicken nuggets he just puts in his mouth and sucks on it for a second then spits it out. The doctor did say that his feeding will slow down now, as will his growth. She said it's best if he eats 6 small meals, each only need to be a matter of tablespoons worth of food (I'm writing this mainly for Brian who continues to want me to force feed our child!).

Can't believe it's one more week until Christmas. We're off to Kalamazoo this weekend to see Mom's Nutcracker. Our niece Lianna is a party child, and my sister Maggie is the guest performer for these shows (not to mention my Mom being the Artistic Director). This weekend they are performing with the Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra. I always cry during the pas de deax and I'm sure this year is no exception, especially when it's my baby sister dancing it!

Check them out:

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(Another picture of Ben watching himself on the news Monday morning!)

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