Dec 6, 2009

11months 3weeks old! Enjoy some pictures and THREE videos!

A few things going on here. We got our tree this weekend. We thought we'd try to have a good old fashioned family event where you go and cut your tree down yourself, get it all fresh. I looked up a place, we packed up the car and drove out there and there was NO ONE there. So, with Ben's patience cutting thin, we thought we'd hit a nursery we saw on the way out there. When we got there, we saw several lovely trees, but they were $80 a piece. So, I thought, let's just head to Home Depot. So, as folk lore states, the family went to HOME DEPOT for our Christmas tree. They were nice, and less than half the price. Not exactly the family cutting the tree from the soil experience I had wanted, but Ben will never remember.

That was Saturday, Sunday we set it up to decorate. Ben had little interest in it. I have to say, that is a VERY good thing. I was a bit concerned about constantly pulling him off it. As you can see from the pictures, he was again more interested in the camera. He just wants to grab any camera from my hands. Maybe we have a photographer in the making?

We have learned a few things that he doesn't like. For some reason, Ben hates the song "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas." He looks terrified every time it plays. I even tried other Christmas carols and that is the only one that he hates. He just cries and cries. It's so sad.

Other news this week. Ben loves to crawl on things. It's like he suddenly realized that he could. There is a kiddy table and a chair in his room, I watched as he pushed the teddy bear sitting in the chair aside, climbed on the chair and up on the table. Then I thought I would add the picture of Ben while helping me unload the dishwasher. He used to just pull and push the drawers in and out, now he wants to crawl onto the door like this. He's getting a bit adventurous! I love it and hate it all at the same time.

Still taking one to three steps at a time. If any more are needed to get to his destination, he crawls. He is so proud of himself when he takes those steps, though! He just laughs and laughs every time!

We have at least one more tooth now and I think more are well on the way! He has a solid 8 teeth. A bit cranky the last day or two and real finicky so I'm blaming the teeth. That or the fact that he keeps hearing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas."

I can't believe he's 11months and 3 weeks old. It's like I just blinked and all this happened. In one week my baby will be one year old!

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