Apr 20, 2010

The Sick House

We're on to another day of sick Ben. He seems to be feeling better today, or shall I say in the last couple of hours. His fever is up and down, but we're keeping on it. We've been to the doctor yesterday and today. I thought I'd add a picture of the outcome of those doctors visits! Here are the various medications we have to give Ben throughout the day AND NIGHT! Anyone with a kid recognizes this picture, I'm sure. I thought I would add the top picture for fun! When we woke up this morning Ben had a fever of 104.1! Although we had a doctor's appointment at 10am (and this was at 8:45) I called. They said throw him in the tub, sponge him down then put him in a t-shirt and diaper only. The picture was after the doctors appointment and his fever was again down to 102 and he was acting more like himself. He was incredibly cute running around with his little legs I just had to take a picture of him!

Don't worry, he's on the mend, we're on it. He's got his medicine and his Mom, Dad, and Abby.

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