Apr 1, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is FINALLY here in Chicago! We have been outside constantly! Sorry for lack of blog. It seems we've been keeping busy lately. I have been working a ton. I am happy to report that after next week I will be back to my THREE DAYS A WEEK! The fact that the other day I had to pry Ben out of his babysitter's arm's was a little depressing to me. Anyway, back to spring. As soon as Ben and I get home we are eating dinner then back outside. We either play out back or head to the playground. He is definitely an outdoor boy! He cries and cries when it's time to come back in, but then generally falls asleep immediately as it's usually close to bedtime.

And I wasn't lying about prying him out of Mrs. Mary's arms! That really happened this past Monday! She claims it happens a lot, and generally this time of year because she has the kids outside playing all day long. I still was massively depressed for the bulk of this week.

Ben is growing so fast! He's really starting to talk a lot. And his sign language skills are amazing! But listening to him talk will just melt your heart. He can say "cookie," "Niko" (which is his babysitter's dog...of course), "home," and a few additional new ones. He's also just babbling on and on as if he completely understands what he is saying and so should you!

Those molars, and yes FOUR of them, have completely broken through making him a happier Ben again. His teeth count is 12 now. Amazing! Sleep is his new best friend and I can't complain. He still tends to be in bed by 8 and we're putting him down even if he's not asleep and he's perfectly content with that. Usually he puts himself to sleep within minutes. Then sleeps until we wake him to go to the babysitters. He tends to sleep until about 7 if uninterrupted. Last Friday he made it until 8:30 which I kept checking his breathing and then ultimately had to wake him because I had a doctor's appointment! Such a good kid!

Enjoy the videos of us enjoying the great outdoors tonight! It was 80degrees out! Ben so desperately wanted to throw the ball for Abby, and she so quickly gave up on him!

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