Apr 23, 2010

Movie Night

We decided to have a little movie night tonight. Ben is still getting over his "cold." And by cold I mean sore throat (strep never diagnosed), conjunctivitis, pneumonia, and ear infection. Then there is Mom and Dad who are not sick (knock on wood), but who are trying to take care of ourselves so as to make sure we don't get the above mentioned. So, I decided to put on the movie Bolt. None of us had seen it. Brian was ENTHRALLED! You couldn't tear him away. Ben was playing about the room at first, then started to chill in. But Abby!! Oh, Abby! She hasn't been this into a movie since 8 Below! She just laid there and stared for a solid 20 minutes, possibly longer! You could have told her a squirrel was eating her rawhide and she would have held her ground in front of that tv!

Thought these videos (mostly of Abby this time, a little of Ben) were cute! The first you can hear Ben being a little pistol, but then see how he settles into his chair for some movie time. Nothing much else to report. Just all are on the mend!

Happy weekend!

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