Apr 16, 2010

16 Months Old!

I can't believe that Benjamin is sixteen months old! He is getting so big and so grown up! Right before my eyes he's turning into a kid, no longer a baby. He's talking up a storm. He's starting to order Abby around quite a bit, which is cute and Abby IS NOT that receptive to.

I've enjoyed the last couple days as I am part time again. We've been trying to get this house back in order and still just play as much as we can. I think both me and Ben are pretty worn out. He's been napping a lot and I have found myself actually lying down when he does! He just continues to be such a good sleeper for us.

Now, I've only got a few minutes as I need to continue on my cleaning mission, but I don't want to forget one very important event. Tomorrow our OTHER child turns six! Yes, Abby will be six years old! Ben and I went to the store this morning to get her her birthday present and we'll have to spoil her rotten tomorrow!

I am then leaving on a little road trip. I'm going to Iowa with my Mom, sister, niece Meghan, and Uncle Rick to see my sister dance. It will be my first night away from Ben EVER! I'm a little nervous. He will be in very capable hands (his fathers), so I need to just relax!

A couple of videos from this week. Of course these were taken right after Ben was driving his Powerwheels all over the yard by himself. But, true to form, he was camera shy!

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