Apr 18, 2010

Some Major Firsts Going on Here! Not all necessarily good!

I have a few brief moments here and thought I'd share a few first we've had just over the past 3 days.

The first and most haunting, and one I thought I'd leave to myself, but then you know me, I had to share, is that we had our first poopy in the bathtub experience. Actually not bad for having a 16month old I guess! But still, I was horrified. Ben didn't seem to notice. I luckily knew when it was happening and we got the heck out of dodge. Had to happen at some point I suppose. Took me most of the night to scrub that tub and EVERY LAST TOY! I was tempted to just throw them out and start over!

So that was Friday night. Then I left Ben for the first time Saturday for an overnight-er to see my sister dance in the quad cities. A lovely performance and my other sister, Lenore, and I actually got some time at the Black Jack tables after the show. Super classy, I know. But I came out about even and Lenore, well let's just say she did quite well. Our Uncle Rick even came along for the voyage and he sat and played with us a bit. So, a nice overnight-er, but I would have gotten more sleep at home with my 16month old.

The third first is shown in one of these videos. Tonight, hours after my return, Ben figured out the child safety latch as we tape! Yes, you see the actual moment here! I was actually trying to capture the cute way he throws his arms up in the "I dunno" fashion. You can see that a little in the video before he unlocks the gate atop our stairs. Now yes, we also realize he has a pacifier in his mouth. He is getting better with this. We generally only let him have it when it's nap or bed time. He does just fine with it, except for today. You see, Ben is not feeling well. We don't know what the problem is, but he was running a fever as high as 103.3 when I checked it a few hours ago. I talked to the doctor and after following her advice he is now down to 100.2 and clearly feeling better. The doctor just said there are a lot of viruses going around right now and told me what to look out for and keep up the Tylenol/Motrin switch off throughout the night, so we're in for another night without much sleep. She did say even to wake him to keep it up over the next day or so. But, I'm glad to see he's already doing better. But a pacifier here or there is warranted, I think. This also may explain the late wake up time this morning (see Brian post below), and many many naps in the last 48-72 hours. Likely a doctor visit tomorrow.

That's it for now. More to come now that I'm on my part time schedule again. Oh, and yes, Ben has again decided to get sick the day before I work one of my three days this week! These kids never get sick on your days off do they?!

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