Jan 27, 2011

For Liam

I got up this morning, thinking I would have a cup of coffee, relax a little and continue to get over this cold. Maybe post another silly video. I got online and got this news. I felt compelled to share it here. If you feel compelled to help, it would be a wonderful thing for so many children.

Brian and I dedicate this website to sharing silly stories, clips of videos of our lives, pictures of our babies. We have been blessed with a healthy two year old, and a pretty smooth pregnancy so far in hopes of a healthy second child. We are extremely lucky.

I went to middle and high school with Amber Witt Pedersen. This past Monday, Amber lost her 6 year old nephew to neuroblastoma after a 3 year battle. This can happen to anyone. Please pray for this family and hug your kids.

For more information you can visit Liam's blog below.


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