Jan 20, 2011

Santa on the Ceiling!

Let me explain this video. Ben discovered a small flashlight that was a stocking stuffer from Grandma Bishop that when you shine it, it reflects an image of Santa! He desparately wanted to take it to bed with him that first night he discovered it. He laid there for about an hour flashing it around his room. We weren't able to catch it on video, but he every once in a while you would hear him say "Pretty Santa!" So cute! He eventually just fell asleep clutching the flashlight.

He's talking more and more and making more and more sense. Putting sentences together very well! I'm trying to make his room his play room rather than the living rooms, but he's pretty strong and persistent, so he just carries all his toys back out. He will sit at his table and read everyday still, sometimes to his bears, sometimes just to himself. Sometimes he'll read to me, 12 books in one sitting on average!

Baby Number2 update: Not much to say other than growing, still kicking up a storm! Ultrasound in 2 weeks to make sure all is alright! Of course to find out a gender, too!

Hope all is well! Hopefully more pictures and videos to come this weekend!

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