Jan 24, 2011

Winter Blues

The winter blues have hit. We are getting stir crazy. Our high temperature the other day was 9degrees! That was the HIGH! With wind chill it felt like -20 outside. We are done! Ben is finding ways to get energy out. So, yes, we let him ride his SUV inside. He knows to close the gate first which is cute. We then pretend we're outside and ride like crazy! We're trying to get creative here!

So, enjoy this video, it's about as exciting as things are getting here. Other than Ben wanting to use the potty chair more and more! We're encouraging it and letting it run it's course! Yesterday he went on the potty twice! He's so excited when he does it!

Oh, and yes, I'm home from work on a Monday. I'm fighting a killer cold. Ben and Brian are good so far (knock on wood). Me, not so much. So, today I have called in sick, Ben went to the babysitter and I'm home resting. I called my doctor this morning and I'm doing everything I can, which is liquids, rest, Vick's, Tylenol. That's about it. It's VERY strange being home alone. I think I've been in this house once without Ben since he's been born, so very strange. I reminded myself I can turn the tv up as loud as I wanted, because it's not that Ben was sleeping, he's just not here! I'm glad he's off having fun today, I can just rest and try to get better so I can take better care of him. I HATE using sick days. HATE IT! I only work three days a week, and don't have much time for maternity leave so hate to do it, but it was for the best this time.

Baby number 2 is handling it well. Kicking and moving a lot. I've had sore tummy muscles, but the doctor agreed that was likely from sneezing and coughing. So, no worries! And...9days till the next ultrasound!!!! Can't wait to see him or her again!!!!

Hope everyone else is healthy and happy!

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