Jan 9, 2011


A peaceful weekend at home! Some updates: Ben is doing great! Some things he's picked up recently include opening doors. I know this seems like something that should have happened a while ago, but we haven't pushed the idea and really liked that he had no interest in opening doors as we could just shut off areas that we didn't want him in. He had figured out lever handles about a year ago, but round ones, he just didn't pursue. So, that's over.

Manipulation: He's starting to master it. The big one that he has aced since Christmas is the "I poopy" line. He's learned this will get him away from a dinner table that includes a food item he's trying to avoid eating, if you're not playing the game he wants and he's trying to distract you, things like that. He's generally not poopy at all.

Potty Training: As most of us know, he's had a couple successful voidings on the commode. He continues to ask to sit on the potty but is struggling a bit. He'll get it. He's just barely 2. He is also learning how to use this to his advantage! If I'm doing something other than paying attention to him, he suddenly needs to use the potty! Too cute, though!

All in all, we're having a ton of fun!

Baby Number 2 update: as of today I am 18 weeks pregnant. Feeling better. Continue with headaches but what can you do. I've got a bit of a baby bump suddenly! And really starting to feel movement. I've been feeling fluttering for a couple weeks now. Starting yesterday, there were kicks big enough that even Brian could feel! It was pretty neat! We have our next ultrasound in about 3 weeks at which point we should find out if it's a boy or a girl. Every day I get a different sense, so I'm trying not to speculate. Of course we will tell as soon as we know. But just to warn, we do think we will keep the name a secret again. We haven't really started discussing names. Brian and I can't name a kid until we know a gender. When Ben is asked he generally says something like "Monkey," or "Oso" (who is a Disney Channel character) so I don't think Ben will be naming this one. Anyway, keeping the name a secret seemed to work with Ben. When you tell someone a name you're thinking while still pregnant, they generally give you a lot of opinions. When you tell someone the name of a new baby, the just ooooh and awe.

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