Jan 30, 2011

Flipping Out.

This video is another piece of evidence that we are truly losing our minds up here in the cold. It actually hasn't been as cold, but there is between 1.5 and 2 feet of snow predicted over the next 3 days. Temperatures have remained stable around 30. So, Ben and I have played outside a little bit, but for the most part we need to find ways to get rid of energy indoors. He continues to be all boy, and has taught himself how to do somersaults. He's pretty good at them actually!!!

Ben is continuing to talk more and more and it's getting funnier and funnier. He's getting very good at pleasantries, for example this morning when Brian woke up and walked into the kitchen Ben says "Good morning Daddy. How'd sleep?" Too cute.

He has regressed a little as far as counting so we're working on that. He now counts like this "One, two, fee, fooour, nine, fooour, nine, nine, nine." If you count with him he gets it. In his defense, I never realized how five and nine can sound so much alike!

Baby number 2 update: A regular doctor's appointment yesterday went well. No issues. Ben and Brian got to come and hear the heartbeat! When asked if he wants a little brother or sister, Ben continues to deny either. If pressed, he thinks it's a brother. If asked if we should have a baby, he simply states "umm, nope."

Boy vs Girl: we find out in three days! As said, Ben thinks boy. Brian seems to think it's another boy. I was leaning boy, but now am getting some girl vibes....maybe. Work seems to be split down the middle. My sisters are feeling it's time for another girl as we've had a couple boys in a row now. The grandkids in my family are split even with 3 girls and 3 boys right now.

So, Brian and I went to the experts!!! We took a quiz online last night. It asked very scientific questions like "When you show your hands to someone do you go palm up or palm down." After tabulating our responses it stated a 17% chance of boy, and 83% chance of girl. So, there you go. No need for the ultrasound, because I don't want orange juice, had morning sickness, and my mother's hair is not gray (whether dyed or not), it is clearly a girl!

Heart rate: yesterday at about 21 weeks pregnant, the heart rate was 154 beats per minute (BPM). Ben's at the comparable stage was 146bpm. This child has been about 10-20bpm higher than Ben. Although, I am on one more medication for my breathing that may be to blame. Still a mystery!!

We seriously do NOT care. I am getting very excited to see him or her and know that all is ok. Considering the acrobatics that is going on in my belly, I continue to worry less and less knowing he or she MUST be healthy!

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