May 22, 2011

Flash Forward 8 years...

So, Spring was apparently one day, because we've hit summer. Bright, sunny - hot.

We have a park near our house with 4 girls softball fields and a bazillion slides, swings, and monkey bars. As you guessed, it's Ben's favorite place to play. So, as it was such a nice day, we walked on over thinking it would be a great day to play nicely and quietly on the equipment.

BOY - were we wrong.

It's Oak Forest Girls Softball season. God bless my parents for putting up with Little League all those years, because the scene nearly gave me epilepsy.

It's slightly more intense than I remember - 8 million kids running around, golf carts zipping by, tents with food, raffles, auctions, bake sales. The concession stand had a line a mile long - which was only topped by the line for the moon bounce (shoes off!!!). The announcer had a sound system that rivaled Spinal Tap and the dial was definitely turned to 11. Too bad we missed the parade - seriously, there was a parade - but the floats were still there and bubble gum and lollipops littered the grass.

So we stayed awhile to witness the spectacle. We watched a little of the Buttercups vs the Angles. But we apparently missed the action yesterday when the Comets destroyed the Ladybugs 13-0 with a perfect game. The action should have been incredible.

So, with that, I flashed forward about 8 years. I'm sure the dial will have been turned to 12 by then. The spectacle will be that much more - and Patti and I will be that much more excited to have Baby Girl Bishop up to bat.

Ben and baseball - well, that's another story for another day.

Play Ball!

- Brian

PS - We need a vote here - best team name: Hustlers, Slyders, or Little Kisses?

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