May 21, 2011


It's spring and we're not the only ones in the neighborhood expanding our family! I couldn't help but get this little family walking up our street. Too cute!

Things here are going well. We're in the waiting game now. As of today I am 37 weeks pregnant which means I am OVER 9 months pregnant and ok to go at any time. I was put on restrictions over a week ago because of labor type symptoms but now that I am considered "full term" and baby looks good, I can do whatever I can tolerate. Which has equaled no more labor type symptoms so I will now likely be pregnant forever! Or, for the next few weeks anyway. I am definitely ready, tired, sore, but excited. Brian is, too. Every time I hiccup he asks "Are you ok? What was that?" He packed a suitcase over a week ago which still sits in his closet. He's at least ready.

Ben is doing great! He may be getting that there will actually be a baby and that Mommy's belly isn't just called "baby sister." I am trying desperately to keep up with him! I can't really explain to him that I can't do certain things, but only briefly! I love it when Brian gets home and Ben gets to really get some energy out. Abby, too. As you can see from the video today, Abby has found a new nap spot! They both fell asleep in there, we shut the door and didn't even realize Abby was still in there. Ben fell asleep without trouble, and Abby didn't want to come out! She's still mad that we took her bed away from her room in order to fit the crib!

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