May 15, 2011

I have decided to put some pictures from Ben's camera on. He loves running around seeing what he can capture. Some are pretty embarrassing for me...and Brian. But it's fun anyway.

Things here are plugging along. I've continued to take it easy. The contractions come and go but nothing too regular anymore. I was officially 36 weeks pregnant (that's 9months exactly) on Saturday (again, 40 weeks is considered full term).

On Thursday, baby girl had her first physical. It was called a biophysical profile. Since I was contracting and dilating a bit, and due to my tendency to have babies (uh um, Ben) early and fast, the doctor just wanted to make sure baby girl was healthy as can be, otherwise I'd be on strict bed rest. None of that, though! Baby girl is doing great. She scored a 10/10! Basically, they look at size, heart rate, her reaction to movement and contractions, and amount of amniotic fluid. She was perfect on all that! They estimated her weight to be about 5lbs 9oz, she's expanding her lungs perfectly, and in the proper position! Now, I'm just getting excited!

One more week and I'll be REALLY confident and probably ready to go. I had a little breakdown this morning because I am quite uncomfortable. I am tired, but bored, I want to move, but I can't. I want to play with Ben, but I shouldn't, I want to go for long walks and play at the playground, but shouldn't. I feel so bad for Abby and Ben. They just keep looking at me like "Mom....let's go!" Anything to make sure baby girl is ok and I know it will ALL be worth it! And I know this is NOTHING compared to what some women have to go through. At least in a week I'll likely be taken off restrictions and can do whatever I can tolerate. LOVE IT!

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