May 25, 2011

When it rains...

Well, as the saying goes - when it rains, it pours. Well it is pouring here in Chicago...

...because we both had showers this week!!!! What did you think, I was blogging about the weather?

Yes, in the fine tradition of the Murse and the Bro, I had a Man Baby Shower.

The great people at work got together and hosted a pizza lunch for me. I got some great clothes for Baby Girl Bishop and a spectacular Target gift card. The best part was probably the advice cards everyone gave me on how to raise "Daddy's little girl". I think the one I'll use was, "Teach her about baseball and she'll be cool in high school." No Murse's or Bro's were gifted - thank goodness.

Patti also had a rainy day today as her co-workers gussied up her desk in pink. She got a gift of baby clothes - but Ben, Abby, and I were not neglected. My one Miller Light bottle won't go to waste!

Okay, as for other girl news - nothing much. Patti is back working, but we've plateaued recently in activity. Baby Girl is bouncing everywhere, but she seems content to stay put for now. We'll see about tomorrow...

To leave you - my son is schizophrenic.

One minute later:

- Brian

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