Apr 5, 2009

Ben in Kalamazoo

Ben and I had a great time in Kalamazoo with his Grandma and Grandpa Huling and all of his cousins! We had a little photo shoot and all. It's so fun getting all the kids together. We just went for a quick overnighter, then back to Chicago. Saturday I had a course all day and Ben got to spend his first day with his Dad. I should say, his first full day with it just being him and Dad. They both seemed to handle it well.

He's been doing great lately. He's a very happy, big boy. Sleeping is still going pretty well. He's asleep by 8pm and is still getting up once throughout the night (typically) for a quick feeding and then back to sleep until about 8am. Unless he has to go to daycare, that is, and I have to wake him earlier.

This weeks plans include his first trip to the beach! Ben and I are going to meet my parents in St. Joseph for lunch on Good Friday. We are handing over our little Abby so they can watch her while we go to Virginia. I hope the weather cooperates and we can get some good pictures of Ben at the beach for the first time. Then, my sister Maggie is coming Saturday for an overnighter. We'll have Easter breakfast together and she can get some quality time with Ben. I am just so excited to get to show him off! I feel like I'm the only one that really knows him along with the daycare people. Even Brian, who works so much that Ben is often asleep when he gets home. He's getting such a cute little personality, I want to share it with everyone! So, in 2 weeks we will be in Virginia to do just that!

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