Apr 11, 2009

The Three Day Cycle

True to Michigan form we had a cold and windy day at the beach. Thursday=beautiful. Saturday=beautiful. Friday=cold, windy. As you can see from the picture, that's about as close to the beach as Ben and I got. We jumped out of the car. I wrapped him up in his Snugli. Mom snatched our picture, and we jumped back in the car. We didn't even go over the dunes to see the lake. So, we will have to wait for Ben's first trip to the beach. We'll have plenty more opportunities. In just one short month, the boat will be in the water. I helped Dad put up the canvas yesterday while we were there. It's always so sad to see the boat up on the parking lot. I guess it's more sad to see the boat up on the parking lot in the fall. At least now, we know it will be floating very soon.

And now on to Ben. There is a little something here I am calling the 3 day cycle. Let's break it down a little.

Day 1: Happy Ben. Laughing, playing. Wet diapers throughout the day, but that's it. I take off the same outfit that night that I put on him that morning. A pretty good night sleep.

Day 2: Fairly Happy Ben. Laughing, talking, playing. Wet diapers throughout the day. Still only one outfit that day. Not the best sleep that night.

Day 3: A touchier Ben to start. A little sensitive. Cranking his legs up. Then, you hear it. Change diaper and generally change his outfit. Ben is now a bit less cranky. A few hours later, you hear it again and he looks like he's thinking really hard. Change his clothes again. Now he's feeling pretty good. We play a bit. Then a few hours later, you hear it again. Now it's just time to get a bath and more new clothes. Ben sleeps like a baby that night (pardon the pun).

Now, cycle back to Day 1.

It may vary slightly. For example, we may need more than one bath on Day 3.

In case you haven't figured it out, I am referring to his poopy diapers. Yesterday and today he has had a little bit everyday, but in general we are now following the 3 day cycle. I plan on talking to his doctor about this at his 4 month check up which is coming up. I'm wondering if I have just gotten too lax on my diet so I'm going to get strict about that again.

Happy Easter to everyone! We're planning on the Easter Bunny tonight along with my little sister who is spending the night with us.

Count down to Virginia, Ben's first plane ride, as well as meeting the rest of his Great Grandparents: 5 days!

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  1. His first plane ride already! That's so fun! He's obviously going to be a jet setter.


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