Apr 25, 2009

Traveling With a Four Month Old!

So much to write about! It has been a CRAZY busy 2 weeks. As most of you know, we traveled to Richmond last weekend to introduce Ben to a ton of family! It went so much better than I could ever imagine! Flying with a four month old is an overwhelming thought and I was in panic mode the week leading up to it but it went well. I think four months old is the perfect time to travel. He's on somewhat of a schedule, but doesn't want to get down and move around yet. Actually, there were aspects that were easier! We did take advantage of getting on the plane first. This was nice so we could stow all our gear and be sitting when others were getting on. I can see how later when he'll want to be on the move getting on the plane first will only elongate the amount of time sitting in those small seats. One thing is for sure, you get A LOT of dirty looks when you are traveling with a baby. But, Ben settled in, ate a little, and fell asleep for take off and landing of all our flights. He would wake up ever so often, smile and laugh at people and then cuddle in and fall asleep again. He cried maybe twice and only for a few seconds. He did great! The trickiest part of traveling was feeding Ben at the airports! On the plane, not so bad. I would just sit in at the window seat, have Brian outside, cover up and go for it. At the airport, there is NO good place. Especially in Atlanta. That airport is always packed, there are no seats, no place private. I just covered as best I could, what are you going to do? One thing I didn't do which I wish I would have was wear a button down shirt. That may have helped.

The visit went well. Ben charmed everyone, of course! He dazzled them with his eyes, smile and laugh. Everyone just ate him up! How wonderful it is for him to have so many Great Grandparents! We took a ton of pictures and I wish I would have gotten more video (I'm having trouble uploading videos lately, we'll work on it). Thursday we spent the evening with Grandma and Grandpa Bishop as well as Aunt Debbie and Uncle David. We got to visit with all the Great Grandparents one at a time and then on Saturday Karen and Barry had everyone over at once. Ben got to be with all the Great Grandparents, aunts and uncles and close friends. It got just a little noisy, and by that I mean you couldn't hear yourself think! Ben (and myself) got just a little overstimulated and we needed to catch some quiet time here and there but it was so nice to see everyone. We got back Sunday night and Ben almost immediately passed out.

The week went well. We were busy back to work and daycare by Monday. I got to go to a Cubs Rooftop game on Tuesday night for Occupational Therapy Month. It was a ton of fun but I got home around midnight and then off to work again on Wednesday. Thursday morning we got up and my Dad was here bright and early to return our Abby!!! It was so good to see her again! Dad and I spent the next two days working hard around the house and cleaning up the yard. We DID get the railing up on our stairs which has been a big concern for everyone! It looks really good! The weather cooperated for us to get outside. It was 80 degrees yesterday! Ben even sat out on the back porch playing while we worked for a while. It was fun.

Thrown into all this was Ben's 4month checkup on Thursday. He got a couple BIG shots! He handled them well, he's been a bit sleepy since then. He was weighed and measured and true to Bishop form, he is on the top of the chart. He is ON the four month chart, though. He is 18lbs, and 27.75 inches long. This puts him around the 99%. Like I said, though, he is at least on the chart again.

In other big news, Ben is rolling over from his stomach to his back! It literally just started this morning. He's done it once or twice by accident over the past week, or so, but this morning he is doing it on purpose! It was so cool to see! He was so happy. Of course, it already means I can't keep him on his tummy. He's still not totally sold on tummy time and now he knows how to get out of it.

So, for the first time in two weeks, Brian, Ben and I are spending a day at home recovering, playing, just having fun!

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