Apr 15, 2009

Ben's First Easter

Hey y'all! I'm just warming up for our return, and Ben's introduction to the South. We're leaving tomorrow morning for Richmond to finally introduce Ben to the rest of his family! I've sought out and gotten a lot of advice on how to manage a 4 month old on the plane. Wish me luck! Fun stories to follow, I'm sure! I'm hoping to have lots of cute video and pictures after this weekend to share.

For now, here are shots from Ben's first Easter. The Easter Bunny came! He brought Ben a Bumpo tray, a stuffed bunny, some alphabet blocks, and even some chocolate for Mommy and Daddy! He LOVES his Bumpo Tray! His favorite thing is bumping his toys off the tray so Mommy can pick them up again. I thought I'd add some pictures of Ben and his new toys!

That's it for now. I'm exhausted from my work week and furiously packing so we can head to Midway in the morning to catch our flight! Pray for sleep tonight!!!!

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