Apr 9, 2009

Ben painted us a picture!

It feels like spring! Again! We're just hoping this will stick. There were 2 days or so where we had snow on the ground this week. But, today is upper 50's and I'm Spring cleaning! Ben has been sleeping a bit today. I keep telling Abby that we'll go for a walk when he wakes up, but he's been out for almost 3 hours now! I'll take it, though. Like I said, I got a lot of cleaning done.

We're getting ready for our trip coming up in one week. Tomorrow, Ben, Abby and I are heading to the beach to meet my parents for the day and hand off Abby. I'm going to miss her so much! They'll have her for almost 2 weeks! Then we're having my little sister over for Easter weekend which will be very nice. We leave Thursday for Virginia. Ben's first plane ride! I'm a little nervous as to how this will go. I just hope he sleeps. At least he's not old enough to want to get down and move around.

He's been good this week! Very happy and laughing a lot. He is so good with his hands and grabbing at his toys and bringing them right to his mouth. He's also discovered the fun in bouncing up and down in his activity chair. He thinks that is hysterical! He also thinks waking up at 4 am is hysterical! He just wakes up, happy, and laughing, and wants to play. Luckily, he's perfectly happy doing all this in his crib and eventually falls asleep again. I just wish I could sleep through it. It's so hard to be mad at him when I go in there and peak in his crib and he looks up at me with this huge smile! So cute!!

I thought I would attach a picture of Ben's first gift to Mom and Dad. At daycare this week he painted us an Easter egg! They were doing hand prints of all the kids and Ben wouldn't open his hand so they just smashed his fist around on the paper. I never thought little green splatches on a piece of paper could be so cute! It's up on the fridge, of course!

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