Sep 7, 2011

Month of the Blog - Ben and the Crab

I hope you see the beach theme here at Major League Bishop - Month of the Blog.

We got alot of good shots down at Sandbridge - I mean, it was a great time AND Sandbridge was still standing (pre-Irene). The waves were big (but not too big), the breeze was blowing (but not too hard), and the wildlife....well, see for yourself.

Ben has never been to a beach with salt water or sea life. Jelly fish did some damage on day one, but were gone after that. But the crabs, they kept on comin'. After a while, Ben got over his creepy crawly fear and dug after them.

Patti, however....that is another story for another day.


  1. Hello! Have you taken a lot of shots? Where can I see the pictures? By the way, thanks for sharing your video.

  2. Jelly fish can be very dangerous, I'm happy that you have no bad consequences after meeting it! thanks for this wonderful video!

  3. Even a little jellyfish which doesn't look like to be much harmful can be dangerous! Be careful when you swim in the sea.


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