Sep 12, 2011

Month of the blog?

Brian told me last week he had this great idea for the "The Month of the Blog!" This excited me seeing as since HE started the blog 3 years ago, he's done about 3 entries. I was also pleased since I am back at work and the fatigue from this transition is setting in. But, I see the "Month of the Blog" lasted about 5 days of the month. His computer time is pretty busy, though. We are at that magical time of year when Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football overlap! But, I had some cute things to pass on anyway so here I am.

Hailey: LAUGHING A LOT! She has become one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! She's sleeping most nights, through the night. From about 8:30pm till about 7:00am. Unfortunately, it seems the nights she needs to get up happen to be when I have to work the next day. It also tends to be about 3am, so I'm up A LONG TIME on those days. Then there are days like today, when she slept till almost 7am (not working today), woke up just talking up a storm in there. Then, when I peak my head over her crib she laughs and laughs at me! She's trying desperately to roll and will roll towards me then away just smiling and smiling!

We're working on tummy time A LOT! I am determined not to have head shape issues with this baby, and she seems to be growing at the same high rate of speed that her brother did. You see, the heavier the baby, the heavier the head, the harder to control, and the harder to hold up! But, like her brother, she sleeps really well (I know, I'll shut up about that), so she's on her back 12 hours a night, and 2 good naps throughout the day. So, when she's not sleeping, I'm on high alert keeping her off her head. She's at least tending towards sleeping on her side!

Ben: He's making some clear points. He's wanting to drink from a bottle suddenly, interesting since Hailey rarely eats from a bottle. We're back to struggling to get him to eat anything outside of drinking milk. I'm holding it hostage until he eats something. Slowly this is getting better. He actually ate his veggies the other night without crying throughout!

I'm also hearing this more and more throughout the day: "Mommy, you put Hailey down and you play with me! PLEEEEAAASE!" So, I am. Hailey nap time is Mommy and Ben time! He also loves "helping" with her, including tummy time, and now playing in the saucer. He generally climbs into the saucer as soon as Hailey is removed. Again, some pretty clear messages.

Potty training: We took a hiatus. But, the last week has looked promising! Incentives didn't work. Treats, stickers, we did it all. Then, I thought, ok I'll try the Cheerio thing. I've heard it from multiple sources. Have him aim for the Cheerios! HE LOVED IT! Dry for days! Then, that kind of got old. So, the other day I had just finished cleaning the bathrooms and the water was still blue from the cleaner. THIS WAS COOL! So, light bulb came on. Now, warning, this is descript. We got food coloring out! Ben squirts the color of his choice in there, maybe 2 colors, then uses his pee pee to "stir it"! Hey, it works. He's wearing underwear again today! We'll see how this goes....

Enjoy the videos. Ben had his first "Little" boat ride last weekend. We met Mom and Dad at the boat. It was quite windy and the lake was pretty big so no "big" boat ride. But Grandpa was wonderful and took Dad and Ben out on the inflatable. Ben LOVED IT and cried when we got home because he wanted to go back to the boat!

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