Sep 29, 2011


piggy back continued!

Ben and the sea lion continued

Ben's first carousel ride at Brookfield Zoo! We'll have to do that again!

I'm still learning how to upload videos using You Tube which are so much clearer than the old way I do. So, I'll spare you that until I get further in serviced! Pictures today and little updates.

In reviewing some of Brian's blogs, I would like to defend some of our actions as to avoid CPS being called. The previous video of Hailey in the bouncy chair. Although super cute, it was done while I was at work, and Brian, we strap her in now! As for the piggy back rides? Yeah, that was just funny and I had a heart attach a little bit there.

Ok, updates.
The Bishops as a whole: we bought a minivan. Yup, we've joined the ranks. Now all we need are the stick figure people in the window representing each of us and a soccer ball in the back. In all seriousness, WE LOVE IT! I went to the store this morning and it was SO much easier getting the kids in and out. I loved that Pilot, but this will be handy. It's pretty loaded, does just about everything but drive for us.

Ben: potty training back on track for sure! He's even going without using the colors (see previous post...)! He's wearing underwear most days with very few accidents. One thing he can't get is that poopy goes in the potty too! Today he went in his pullup then walked in the bathroom and expected me to then put it in the potty. Frustrating!

His little imagination is going crazy! I love watching him pretend. He's definitely blossoming in that area! He's also getting kind of...stubborn! Constantly trying to cut deals with us! Eating is still an issue. It's a constant negotiation. I don't get it! He is ADDICTED to milk. We continue to hold it hostage until post meal, but now that doesn't even work. He just looks at me and says "Ok, I have water." He knows he only gets water if he doesn't eat. So, now I've lost that bargaining chip. He won't starve. He'll eventually eat.

Hailey: oh, sweet Hailey! She is such a happy baby! She just wants to be talked to played with. She now rolls from back to tummy and sometimes tummy to back. She does better going onto her tummy which I think is a little backwards. Most nights now she flips herself over and prefers sleeping on her belly. Makes me a little nervous, but not much I can do about it.

She found her feet for sure. When she's on her back, she just grabs on and LAUGHS! She's laughing a lot these days.

Eating: Every 2-4hours. Day and night suddenly. Which equals a little less sleep these days. Hoping it's just a growth spurt still! I'm up about twice a night again. She eats and goes right back down most nights at least.

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