Sep 8, 2011

Month of the Blog - Ben and the Ducks

Well, I hope you've gotten the swing of things now - MONTH OF THE BLOG!

Besides the beach (Sandbridge ROCKS!), the other theme for the week is....wait for it....


That's because Ben LOVES sooooo many things. He's very much into how much he loves things as well. If he likes a game he's playing, he wants "to play this all day long". If he likes the banana he is eating, he wants "to eat bananas all day long". Watching Little Einsteins? Yup, all day long...

Well, he loves Grandma and Grandpa's pool all day long...

Flinging those ducks has made his month. They were left overs from Melissa Carroll's baby shower held at my parent's house. He brought a few home and is still flinging them to this day.





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