Sep 21, 2011

Month of the Blog - Brian and the Jury

Okay - I got home a little early today. Why, you ask? Well, I was at - wait for it - Jury Duty!

Opened an unassuming letter in the mail a few weeks back and, BOOM, I was served! A subpoena to appear as a standby juror was all it was, but I had to show up to do my American duty.

And boy, it was boring. The highlight was watching a tape (yes, VHS) of a mustachioed Lester Holt telling me what it is to be a juror. There were 20 people sitting in my section, 11 women, 9 men, mixed races - a veritable cross section of Chicago.

I was kind of excited to find out what the judicial system was like from the inside. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. And got an hour and a half lunch. And waited.

After all the waiting, we got dismissed - apparently there were no crimes in Chicago to prosecute today (yeah right). A hefty $17.20 for all that sitting and we wonder why our government is broke. Plus, who gets hour and a half lunches anyway? Seriously?

All in all, it was a day off of work and a bunch of sitting.

I'll leave you with this must turn up the sound.

- Brian

PS - I'm not sure I like the new YouTube feature which adds a soundtrack. We'll see...

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