Sep 6, 2011

Month of the Blog - Hailey and the Beach

So, the Month of the Blog continues! Hope you like the daily interaction - I'm liking the daily posting. As I hope you know, we have 2 kids. One a bit older, one a bit younger - well, 2+ years younger. And she loves the beach too!

Hailey took to the surf and sand as well. The wind was the bane of her existence though. Patti, always the dutiful mother, hid her as well as possible and brought her out to enjoy the sun when possible. And boy, when Hailey came out of the covers, she was a HAPPY girl.

It looks like we'll have to go back - awwww drat!

1 comment:

  1. I love the beaches, but I don't like to be under the sun, since it is pretty dangerous for my skin.


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