Feb 18, 2009

2 month check up!

Well, Ben and I just got back from his 2 month check up and he is sleeping off the shots and baby Tylenol. He handled the shots like a trooper. Yes, he screamed, but who wouldn't?!! They seem to have made him sleepy, though.

As far as what the doctor had to say. Ben is as healthy as a horse! He seems to be gearing up to be a linebacker. At 2 months he is 25.75 inches long and weighs 14lbs 13.5oz. He is off the charts for 2 month olds! She said he is perfectly healthy and his weight is very proportional to his length, they just happen to be that of a 5 month old (it seems he's in roughly the 50th percentile for 5 month olds). He also does have a tooth on the bottom. She said it will likely stay like it is and not totally come in, though it wouldn't surprise her if he gets it.

That's about it. He's still sleeping a bit better and therefore so am I. Hope you enjoy the videos below!!!

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