Feb 25, 2009

Am I showing?

We have had such a good week here at the Bishop household. Ben is learning that life is a lot more pleasurable when you sleep some, and that it's not necessary to eat every 15minutes. In fact, I think he's realizing that there is this whole other world out there besides eating! It's nice. He's become very interactive, smiling and laughing at just about everything. I find I'm getting even less done around the house because all I want to do is play with him! All those things I planned on getting done on my maternity leave have barely been touched and I only have a week and half left!

He's still trying to reach out for toys, but just can't grasp on quite yet. He's just starting to discover that those are his hands and then he can learn how to use them. He still hates tummy time. We've been doing less time on the tummy more frequently throughout the day.

Yes, I have picked a day care. Yes, I cried three times that day. No, I'm not ready to go back to work. Yes, I will be a wreck that day. Yes, my work is supportive. Yes, that makes it easier. Ben and I spent a lot of time at the day care on Monday, just visiting and getting to know the ladies. They seemed to love him! He seemed to love checking out the new digs. I do have to say, him and I are getting sick of our little house. Even he seems bored these days. I'm pretty excited that tomorrow we are planning a Target trip! That's sad... Oh well....

As you can see from the video, Brian decided to check out the Snugli this past weekend. Ben loves being held so he can check out what's going on in front of him so this seemed to work pretty well! I tried it yesterday as I did some stuff around the house and it worked for a little while.

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