Feb 5, 2009

The Dancing Bears

It's been a trying week. Something happened to my happy baby. He started crying and just didn't stop...for like 2 days. He was fed, clean, burped, all that, but just wanted to cry. I'll have to share that cry, too, because it is a downright SCREAM! There is nothing wrong with this boy's lungs anymore. I tried changing my diet to see if that helps him and it seems to have. The big thing is I gave up coffee. I only had one cup every morning, but man, the withdrawal has been killer. I have had a headache ever since. But, it seems to have helped Ben. He's back to my happy baby.

His new favorite thing is the mobile. Right before I took this video, I turned on the mobile and he just exploded in laughter at the dancing bears! He can just stare at these guys all day. Unfortunately, it only lasts about a minute when it's turned all the way. We do have another one for his crib that my Dad is in the process of finishing, so hopefully that one can stay on a bit longer. I am thinking of putting mobiles all over the house with how happy they make him.

We are looking forward to the Bishops coming, in just a little over 24hours! I'm just praying for a happy baby! I am looking forward to someone else being here, 1. for me to talk to, and 2. to entertain Ben. I think he's getting sick of just me. He seems to look forward to Brian coming home at night just as much as me. He just stares at Brian every night like he's trying to figure him out. He seems happy to have someone else to look at.

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