Feb 22, 2009

I hate tummy time!!!!

I know...I just look fabulous in these photos! You're asking yourself right now, "How does she do it? She's a new mom, and she still manages to brush her hair and put on pajamas! How does she keep it together?" Ok, so I decided to bite the bullet and put these pics up because Ben was so stinking cute in them! He just passed out on my arm and we were chilling on the couch. It was so precious!

As far as an update. We now call Ben "Gigantor" in our house. He's "Gigantor" and he eats "magic juice." As you now know, he is in the 50 percentile for a 5 month old and he's 2 months. He is also now growing out of 3-6 month clothes. I'm considering moving him up to 6-9 month clothes now. I have learned that he takes after his father who followed a similar growth pattern in his infancy. What have I gotten myself into?! He also HATES tummy time now! He didn't seem to mind it for a while, now he just HATES it! The doctor said it's more important than ever due to him needing to strengthen his arms and shoulders to "carry his extra weight" as she puts it. I also fear the flat head syndrome! I don't want him to have a flat head! It's so cute the way it is! So, we're trying all sorts of stuff with tummy time. We're going over the boppy, we're going over a mirror, we're going for shorter instances more often. We'll see. One thing I need to keep reminding myself of and others is that his weight is proportional to his length! He is not too heavy (for his length). I just need to keep saying that.

Abby is still handling this better. We think she gets overstimulated with the crying sometimes. And she does hope and pray that we will accidently leave Gigantor at the store. Gigantor and I have been venturing out more and more and when I come back in she's all excited to see me. Then I go grab the car seat and it's like her heart is breaking all over again. She's like "Oh, I thought it was just you and me again." I'm just really hoping for some nice weather soon so that we can venture out more often with the stroller and Gigantor.

All else is well. We're enjoying some quiet time this weekend with just me, Brian, Abby, and Gigantor. Brian seems to be enjoying some quality time with his son. I'm enjoying some quality time without him! I took a shower that lasted longer than 5 minutes, I organized my closet, and had a beer. Brian and Ben have played and chilled and I think they plan on a little Duke basketball later and then some Oscars.

Life is good!

PS: We promise we'll stop calling him Gigantor. I don't want him to have a complex, either.

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