Feb 13, 2009

Teething? Really?

Well, we've had a few days to recover now from the Bishop visit! No really, we had a blast and they seemed to truly enjoy being here. Although, I think they also truly enjoyed going home to their peace and quiet and full nights of sleep. You see, we don't sleep much here at the Bishop house, and that weekend was no different. In fact, I was surprised at how fussy Ben seemed to me. Maybe he wasn't compared to other babies, I don't know, but it wasn't the Ben I knew. Well, after they left, it seemed to just get worse to the point of me being in tears wondering what's wrong with him, what should I do, and if I would ever see sleep again. Then...I thought I felt something in his mouth. I was in denial and let it go for another day, then today it was confirmed by an outside source. Ben has a tooth coming in! My eight week old is teething!!! Yes, the "normal" age for this is 4-6months, but Ben likes to ruin these curves where ever he can. I immediately picked up the phone to my in-laws and asked them to check Brian's baby book and let me know if there is anything else I should anticipate. They are looking into it. Part of me is relieved, I knew he wasn't acting right, and there just didn't seem to be anything I could do about it. At least now there is an explanation hopefully. Today, he has actually seemed happy again! He has laughed and smiled, rarely cried out. He has even been sleeping in his crib for the last 2 hours which has given me time to clean, and bake.

This weekend I am heading off to Kalamazoo to visit with my family. Brian has decided to stay at home and work a bit...maybe sleep...I'm kinda jealous. Abby is super excited. Her jealousy has continued. The latest story I have is about a week ago I was getting Ben out of his play pen and thought I would swaddle him up (which he still LOVES). I gently laid out the blanket on the bed in preparation for my baby. I turned and lifted Ben out of his play pen, and by the time I turned back to the bed, Abby was curled up on the blanket! She had come out of no where, jumped on the bed and cozied onto the blanket in no time flat! I didn't even hear it happen, she was so stealthy! I felt so sorry for her (and guilty), that I let her lay there and I went and got another blanket for Ben. She likes to make her point, doesn't she?! Well, this weekend we will be in Kazoo, her favorite place. My Dad spoils her, almost worse than I ever did, and she has their dogs Lilly, and Madie to play with on endless acres of land.

I'm hoping one thing Brian can get done this weekend is update the slide show with more pictures. We are also looking forward to Ben's 2 month appointment this coming Wednesday. I am anxious for his updated weight. As you can see, the boy is healthy, and rarely misses a meal. Actually, he never misses a meal.

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