Feb 17, 2009

3 videos...one blog...

Well, Ben and I are back in Oak Forest after our trip to Kalamazoo to see my family. All three of my sisters, 3 dogs 3 nieces, 2 nephews, Mom, Dad, and my Grandpa even came down for a couple of hours. A couple things we all agreed on was that it was fun and overstimulating. All those KIDS! I usually could handle it, but with lack of sleep and little human interaction in 2 months, it was something else. Most of us got out unharmed. My Mom was not so lucky. She has a bit of a sprained knee from 3, 80lb dogs running her down in the yard Sunday night. I won't say it was totally Abby's fault, but she was a major player. She had it x-rayed and checked out and the doctor does believe it is only a sprain. We had to have some quick lessons on the crutches. Lucky for her she is a dancer and well coordinated, and has a daughter who knows a little something about crutches.

The kids all got along great. I got some cute pictures and video. I hope I can share it all here. Blake LOVED his little cousin. I think he was just happy there was someone smaller than him there.

Ben is certainly feeling better these days. He's not so fussy. He has been VERY happy, in fact. I think we're even on to something at night! There have been three nights in a row now where he has slept for 4-5 hour stretches!! He's slept from like 8pm to about 1am (CST). He'll eat then go right back to sleep. We're then up every 2 hours, but I'll take it. Not to mention, while we were in Kalamazoo, Lenore offered to take Ben for a night, so I got a ton of sleep! It was so nice. She's awesome! Last night he slept from 9-1:30, then every two hours until 8:30 this morning. I feel pretty darn good! He even played for a bit, then just fell asleep on his own without even fussing. I just looked over and he was asleep! I don't know if it's that his mouth feels better (no advances on his teeth), or the change in diet. I have totally given up dairy, especially all the milk I used to drink, and am still only having about a half cup of coffee a day. Whatever it is, I'm sticking to it. His 2 month check up is tomorrow so we will see just how big he has gotten.

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