May 19, 2012

Month of the Blog! Hailey's New Step???

Okay, okay, okay. Not yet. Hailey is not walking...yet.

But boy is she close!

We don't actually have pictures or video of this yet, but it is so cool, I have to blog about it without.

Hailey loves to come in the kitchen and watch me get ready in the mornings. Cereal, making lunch, cleaning up from the night before...things like that. Recently, this has morphed into her begging to be held/picked up/holding my legs. More recently, she's been grabbing my hands and wanting for me to take her for a walk. You know the drill - hold the hands from above, walking slowly forward so the babe can toddle along getting used to feeling the legs.

She LOVES that. She'll pretty much go anywhere you take her, as long as she's walking with you.

Well, the other day, she started off on one of our walks, but pushed my hands away mid stride. And just stood there by herself for 45 seconds. Yes, all by herself. Yes, I timed it.

In fact it was long enough for me to call out to Ben (who was in the living room) to come and look at your sister. Ben was VERY proud of her - "Good job, Hadey! You're standin'!"

Hailey loves to do this every chance she gets now. She's stood by herself. She's stood and stooped to pick up toys. She's stood after pushing herself up from a crawl.

She HASN'T taken a true step yet. But BOY! is she close.

I bet you'll see another post here soon. With walking.

- Brian

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