May 20, 2012

Month of the Blog! Serious Post.

So, last night, the kids were in bed. Patti and I were sitting out on the back porch enjoying each other's company (for a change - haha). All of a sudden, we see / hear this:

Six cop cars come rolling in - and by rolling, I mean screaming - down our street and start to set up a perimeter. They block off the street and basically surround a lone SUV. Now, we come to find out, this was the SUV of our katty cornered neighbors. The drug house. The kid who robbed us. The brother who used to break into people's houses and watch them sleep. The kids who stole a car and lit it on fire. The kids who shoot fireworks directly at our house. The family which the Oak Forest Police call "just a nuisance".

Well, the father is not blameless in everything. He's the local drunk - from what we've heard, he parks his car in front of Cindy's Bar all day and drives home every night.

Just like he did last night. And, I'm sure you can guess why all the cop cars now...

He missed his driveway and plowed into his neighbors yard (not ours). We heard the yells coming from across the way and the cops showed up not much later. Patti - well, being Patti - she had to go check things out. There was quite a crowd gathering outside and she met a few of our other neighbors who have had run ins with the druggies. Like the ones who have drug deals going down in their front yard. And the ones who have to keep their four kids inside because of all the foot traffic of undesirables going into and out of that house through their backyard.

According to Patti, the father could not even stand up. Failed his sobriety test, because he had to be held up by two officers the entire time. One of the witnesses took one officer down our road to show all the things he hit driving from the bar. This morning, we saw that our lawn was spared, but there were tire tracks up and down the lawns on Laramie.

So here's the moral of the story. Don't drink and drive. We do not know what damage he caused outside of our little neighborhood and - hopefully - it was little to none. We have not heard of injuries to people, but that does not mean nothing happened. It just makes me angry and a little bit sad that this is the life he chose for his family. And that the people around him and his kin are paying for it.


In other news, Ben and I played in the sprinkler today for about an hour.

Sprinkler water is the coldest water known to man. If you don't believe me, you can google it.

- Brian

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