May 2, 2012

Month of the Blog! This Week in Major League Bishop

Hi all - Here at Major League Bishop we like to keep everyone up to date on everything Bishop. This past week was extra crazy. Dan "the Man" Huling came over and helped (read: did everything) redo our gardens.   Dug out the top layer of dirt/rocks/weeds/roots and filled in with nice, new, clean pulverized dirt. Some new cement blocks and a tree trim or two. And see for yourself.

Here's a before:
Ewwww, GROSS. How do they live like that!

Here's an after:

Where is Robin Leach? Or MTV Cribs? Whee Doggie!

Spectacular, right? Patti was his right hand, woman. And together they put some professional landscapers to shame. Here are some more fabulous after pics!

Thanks, Dan!

- Brian

PS - Seriously, the schedule worked out so that he could only come when I was at work. Seriously. 

PPS - Send questions to! DO IT! Mailbag commin' up!

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