May 8, 2012

Month of the Blog! Patti and the Run

Well, short one tonight.

If you didn't know, Patti has been in training for the past few months to compete in her first ever half marathon! And yesterday, she blew it away - especially since this was her first race ever. The butterflies should have cost an extra mile or two!

So, for those who don't know:

Borgess Run for the Health of It
13.1 miles
2236 runners

This was a heck of an event - bands, bouncy houses, food / beer out the wazoo. Apparently, beer is not just for couches and football.

Well, as I said above, she ROCKED it!

Finished in 1 Hour, 59 Minutes, and 9 Seconds which surpassed her goal of 2 hours. Now, how good is under 2 hours???? Well, Patti finished 63rd in her age class (between ???? and ???? years old), 269th by gender, and  754th overall! The 754th place finish might not sound that good but think of it this way:

That is awesome. I am particularly proud of Patti for doing something I probably could never do (and definitely not as fast). Congrats hon!

- Brian

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