May 15, 2012

Month of the Blog! Poem for Patti

There once was a girl named Patti
who is a good mommy (not daddy)
we gave her her way
all day Mother's Day
and none of us did drive her batty!

Thank you, thank you. I will be here all the week.

Seriously though.... I hope my wife had a great Mother's Day. She got some cool presents for her working out bag (nice earbuds, yoga mat), some pretty, Mother's Day girly stuff from Ben and Hailey (candles, flowers, pictures). Plus - TWO - dinners. The first was a chicken saltimbocca and risotto dish prepared by yours truly. The other was...well, Outback take out. We had reservations and everything for a great restaurant, but Hailey got sick. See yesterday's blog, if you missed out.

See how relaxed we were without kids.

However, I would not give up where we are for anything. Thank you Patti for being such a great Mom (and wife)!!!!

- Brian

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