May 29, 2012

Month of the Blog! Top 5 of May!

Hey Major League Bishopers! With the Month of the Blog winding down once again, I wanted to revisit a bit of the last month.

TOP 5 POSTS - Month of the Blog! - May

#5 - Hailey scootchin' around on her little go-go walker!

#4 - Major League Bishop's First Ever MAILBAG!

#3 - Patti completes her half marathon!

#2 - Laser Dog has Lyme Disease (no exclamation point here)

and the number one post of TMOTB?????

#1 - Well, the neighbors are...ugh

Runner up?
I'm not sure why though...This was LAST Month of the Blog. But the video is pretty awesome.

- Brian

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